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One of the earlier incarnations of the band, with Jeff Saffer and Frnacois Cahen (both Zao). What are they all looking at? Stella. Then Christian rumbles "De hundin strein zeuhl Thaud Zaia." Translation: Keep your eyes away from my wife. 

The Magma futsal team. There's a free kick about to happen. The middle guy is ready, Christian just doesn't care.

Christian Vander on holiday on Kobaia.

Vander giving Blasquiz tips on lip synching.

Magma 80s. Cult leader Christian Vander presents his latest products to help you get rid of those nasty stains on your uniform.

Reunion in 1995. Screw Offering, Magma is the bomb.

Vander and Top at the 1995 reunion show. The past and Celine Dion is forgotten. Friends for ever.

The KA version of Magma. The shadow of Kobaia looms over all of them. 

One of the newer Magma shows. They usually perform in black and white to confuse the unprepared listener.

The latest version of Magma on their spaceship back to Kobaia where they're always welcome and much more appreciated than on Earth.